2020-21 Season

Austin Davis sidelined indefinitely with right foot injury

Austin Davis will be sidelined for an undetermined period of time after suffering a right foot injury against Toledo.

Davis suffered a plantar fascia injury in his right foot during a non-contact movement against Toledo, per a U-M release. He will begin rehabilitation immediately.

“While we are sad to have Austin suffer an injury right now, we were glad to hear that there is a possibility of his return at the appropriate time,” said Howard in a statement. “We know Alex (Wong) and all the members of the U-M medical staff will take good care of ‘Big Country.””

Howard said he’s not sure how long Davis will be out, but that he expected the injury to last multiple weeks.

Notable Replies

  1. CursedBlue

    Would’ve been nice for Johns to get more center reps against the mid majors in hindsight. Oh well.

  2. kturnup

    Welp I guess Dickinson is starting now

  3. ReegsShannon

    Atleast this board can claim a lot of foresight on this too

  4. CursedBlue

    I don’t want to say that “UMHoops forum coaches a basketball team” would win the national title by year 3, but I’m also not counting it out :wink:

  5. silverblue

    harmon, I absolutely agree with you! I think everyone on here knows how much respect I have for Austin Davis, and I feel terrible for him.

    I feel bad for his teammates and the coaches, too, though, and here’s why. AD is a very important part of this basketball team. I can assure you, Juwan offered him a fifth year for a reason, and a very good one at that. Regardless of who starts or doesn’t start there are 40 minutes to be played at the five. Hunter Dickinson will now have to play 28-30 every game…in the B1G. While he’s very talented and had been impressive, that is no easy task. There are just not many freshmen at 7’1 255 who can play that many minutes, consistently game after game. AND Brandon Johns will have to play at least 10-12 minutes at the five against B1G caliber post players, and possibly more, as well. And there is really no one else…unless Jaron Faulds can help out a bit, a few minutes here, a few minutes there. Strap 'em up, fellas!

    But that’s only part of the problem. One of the great advantages of having AD on the team is his ability to bang in practice against Hunter…everyday. Having a fifth grad year player who knows the B1G, who has played against B1G caliber post players, and has played against some of the very B1G post players Dickinson will face is an enormous asset. Player development for this young freshman WILL be affected. Having been in a lot of gyms and having conducted a lot of practices, I can tell you, important stuff happens there! Who on the team has the size, strength, and savvy to bang against Hunter Dickinson in practice everyday, and help him get better?

    So, yeah, I feel terrible for AD, and it breaks my heart to think that he may not get to play, well, at least for SEVERAL weeks, but also I feel bad for his teammates, too. As for recovery time, he may be back by the middle or end of February. Plantar Fascia is a tough injury. He may not be back at all. So, yeah, fifth year grad student and this could be it. Let’s hope not…for AD and for the team.

    Edit: OK, I just now listened to Juwan and my assessment doesn’t change. “All hands on deck.” Guess what, there isn’t an AD left on deck. We have good players and they WILL step up, we just don’t have another AD. I’m not trying to be a downer, but this kid is more important to the team than most anyone on this forum has ever given him credit for. And you heard Juwan talk about his LEADERSHIP, well he’ll still lead from the bench, he’ll be like another assistant coach, but he is so valuable in practice AND in games and he will be missed.

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