2020-21 Season

Podcast: Dissecting MSU’s debacle in Evanston, plus the first Big Ten power ranking of the year

Brendan and Dylan break down what happened to Michigan State in Evanston. They debate what the level of concern should be regarding the Spartans this year and try to sort through some of the issues including defense and perimeter playmaking. Then they dive into the Big Ten with a power ranking draft to sort through the early returns this season.

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(1:30) What happened in Evanston?
(29:13) Big Ten Power Rankings

Notable Replies

  1. ReegsShannon

    Dylan channeled the fury of UMHoops message board posters with all the MSU simping from Brendan. :joy:

  2. kturnup

    So the consensus here is that MSU is now a tier 2 or 3 B1G team? No chance I’m putting Indiana above them on my revised predictions lol

  3. CursedBlue

    I’m very surprised Dylan is already back on Archie island.

  4. hack

    IMO that’s great. I like that about the podcast. So many podcasts are just agreementfests. I’d rather hear two people challenge each other, and so would most people, IMO.

  5. hack

    So MSU is 9th percentile in the country guarding postups? My opinion about that is as follows:


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