2020-21 Season

Podcast: Figuring out the mess that is Michigan State. Also, is Michigan good?

Things have gone from bad to worse in East Lansing after a dismal road effort at Minnesota. Dylan and Brendan discuss Michigan State’s three-game losing streak and whether the Spartans can play their way back from their poor start. Then the conversation shifts to Michigan which remains undefeated after a win at Nebraska but will start to see the level of competition increase rapidly over the next few weeks.

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(4:00): Figuring out the mess that is Michigan State
(40:45): Is Michigan good?

Notable Replies

  1. bobohle

    I didn’t receive the clickon for this podcast. All I got was the intro. Anyone else that can’t access the podcast?.

  2. bobohle

    Got it now thanks!

  3. haniffe4

    Brendan eating crow at the beginning of the pod:


  4. hack

    No, that’s both of them talking to us broken clocks here on the forum. :slight_smile:

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