2020-21 Season

Podcast: Michigan looks very real. Michigan State looks … confounding

Michigan remained perfect with its best performance of the season in a blowout win over Northwestern on Sunday. Michigan State picked up a needed win at Nebraska and introduced AJ Hoggard into the starting lineup. Brendan and Dylan recap the week that was for both teams and look ahead to a couple of big matchups this week.

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(4:25): Michigan looks very real
(43:09): Michigan State looks … confusing

Notable Replies

  1. buckets12

    Alternate title: Michigan looks awfully real. Michigan State looks really awful.

  2. BigBoutros

    IMO Hoggard has fixed them completely. They will now go on a 16-game winning streak. Book it

  3. umhoops

    Those are definitely the three best non-UM teams in my opinion. Michigan hasn’t played any of them and only plays Iowa and Illinois once.

    I think the next tier is Rutgers, OSU, Minnesota but things get messy in a hurry

  4. harmon98

    Per team mentality I thought Dylan’s comment about Juwan dialing up the backdoor lob to Chaundee immediately after the technical foul was a great point.

  5. kturnup

    I think the NBA might fine him if he did

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