2020-21 Season

Podcast: A meltdown at Michigan State and a big Michigan-Wisconsin preview

Brendan and Dylan make sense of Michigan State’s meltdown against Purdue and discuss some of the problems facing this MSU roster. Then they hop over to Michigan to discuss U-M’s win over Minnesota and look ahead to Tuesday’s big game against Wisconsin.

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(2:39) A meltdown at Michigan State
(35:13) A big Michigan-Wisconsin preview

Notable Replies

  1. kturnup

    The only team with an easier conference schedule than us so far is Wisconsin

  2. steve

    Done and done!

  3. umhoops

    The problem is the free podcast has to come after the written work that pays our bills, ya’ll.

  4. haniffe4

    I’m actually anticipating the next episode of that Badgerswire podcast a bit more.

  5. kturnup

    Someone please post it when it’s live

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