2020-21 Season

Game 12: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

Michigan and Minnesota tip at 2:00 p.m. at the Barn today. Read the game preview, read up on Mike Smith’s emergence and read up on how Smith and Chaundee Brown have embraced finally playing for a winning team. Then join the discussion in the open thread.

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Notable Replies

  1. Dcleary_12

  2. steve

    Big minutes for Chaundee upcoming. Hopefully Michigan can tread water when Zeb is in the game.

  3. CoryR

    Zak Irvin broke out as a freshman with a ton of 3s at Minnesota…hopefully Zeb can do the same.

  4. Dcleary_12

    I trust Chaundee to show up in a big spot. My big concern is who is guarding Carr when Chaundee is on the bench/needs a break

  5. Popadamus

    Based on what we’ve seen from Zeb this season, expect a barrage of long 2s instead :joy:

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