2020-21 Season

Video: Juwan Howard, Michigan players recap win over Maryland

Juwan Howard, Brandon Johns, Mike Smith and Isaiah Livers met with the media after Michigan’s 24-point win over Maryland.

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Notable Replies

  1. Mattski

    Juwan’s becoming more comfortable and more polished. And with that, a little more generous with his analysis. I like what he says about the team’s readiness to grow from the Minnesota loss.

  2. eddieben

    Yikes. Watching a Johns’ presser is like awkwardly sitting in on someone else’s therapy session. No wonder the dude is a hot mess on the court half the time.

  3. sportaddict144

    How do you guys feel about Zay’s answers about other players? I always flinch when he starts talking about anybody but himself or coach. Brandon was a late bloomer, didn’t care about basketball, now he’s figuring it out. Mike never hit the weight room at Columbia, but now he is so he is learning defense. Maybe it can be ascribed as leadership, but I wonder if it grates and it makes me nervous for an otherwise special team. None of the other players ever talk in any way other than total support. I maybe even sensed a bit of annoyance in Brandon’s answer to BQ about how Isaiah would always do what’s best for him. What do y’all think?

  4. buckets12

    I found it more strange that the first four minutes of Isaiah’s questions and answers were about how comfortable he is as a driver and a passer, that might literally be the only thing I would label a weak spot in his game. “You seem to get 3-4 assists every night and we take it for granted”…he’s averaging just over 2 per game on the season and his drives into traffic still end negatively more often than not.

  5. umhoops

    He’s been way better as a passer. 2.3 assists is a huge uptick from him compared to the past.

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