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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: January 21st, 2021

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Notable Replies

  1. vayazazul

    1. Just curious what your process is for watching Michigan games- do you actively make notes while watching live, or do you try and take in everything and then rewatch for the analysis?

    2. What do you see as the most often misused or misunderstood advanced stats in college basketball?

    3. Do you know if anyone has done any regression or similar analysis to gauge the individual importance of each of the 4 Factors for winning games?


  2. bluejayway

    What would be your over/under on seniors/grad transfers returning to play next year?

  3. jivan

    In 2013 or 2014, I remember you doing every week a player grade based on how they have played in your opinion that past week. We could see the evolution of these grades over the weeks with graphs, for each of these players.
    What made you decide to stop that piece? I know you made room for some other amazing content, but I really liked this part. It was nice to be able to go look at these grades through time, and get a sense of who is hot as of late, who is falling off the rails, and who has been the most consistent.
    Don’t meant to suggest that you should do even more work. But just curious why maybe you didn’t like that piece as much as the others?

  4. BleedBlue

    What would be your preferred method for how the conference determines the conference final standings, assuming teams play a large range of total conference games? What do you think the conference will end up actually doing?

  5. Bmbeach

    Just checking on the overall health of my investment at UMHoops. :slight_smile: Have subscriptions increased significantly due to COVID-19? I’d like to think you and the team are thriving given the “no attendance” policy at games. I did a very quick analysis of total posts on early 2020 game threads vs. the most recent 3 games and it seems to have moved from 400-450 range to 500-600 range…

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