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Podcast: Deconstructing MSU’s downfall and figuring out U-M’s long pause

Brendan and Dylan discuss Michigan State’s 0-2 return from an extended pause and then preview tonight’s game against Iowa. They also dive into how Michigan State’s roster ended up this way and what the best path forward is to get back on track. Then they hop over to Michigan and discuss the impact of a 2-week pause and how things will play out over the next two months.

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(3:09): Deconstructing MSU’s downfall
(35:07): Figuring out U-M’s long pause

Notable Replies

  1. london_blue

    @umhoops as always a great discussion on the pod. I think that Juwan should just grab the best IM team/players and let them live their dream of donning the Maize & Blue in the Big Ten tournament. Treat the Big 10 tournament this year just as all of the Premiere League teams do the Caribou Cup or FA Cup, put the youth team out or a second team. Just think of how amazing that would be if they managed to upset a team in the tourny (I know it would never happen, but what if …). And then as you and Brendan said just send the scholarship team to Indy for a week of prep and living in the bubble before the NCAA tournament.

  2. AC1997

    The discussion on MSU was interesting to me. I know most like to pile on them (and I do too) but I’m genuinely fascinated to understand how they got here and how they dig out. I really liked the comments Dylan made about how having established upperclassmen stars is a recipe for winning…but not a recipe for attracting top recruits at those positions (i.e. PG).

    Now…with that being said, I don’t quite agree that MSU was crippled by Winston being around forever regarding the PG spot.

    • 2018 they signed Loyer (#96)
    • 2019 they signed Watts (#39) as a combo guard knowing he’d play some point
    • 2020 they signed Hoggard (#79) as a combo guard
    • 2021 they signed Akins (#55)

    That’s a top-100 PG/CG every single year dating back to the first year that Winston was actually showing his potential. I don’t really agree that they had issues attracting PGs really - more that they either recruited the wrong guys, failed to develop Watts, or didn’t recognize that they needed a bridge this season from a veteran transfer.

  3. umhoops

    Kind of proves my point.

    Also, I think taking Hoggard was probably a mistake because from the outside it seemed to spook Jalen Terry. Terry hasn’t been great at Oregon but I think he’s at least a point guard. I don’t really think Hoggard is a multi-year Big Ten starting PG. What exactly does he do well?

    Akins is kind of exactly the guy you can land after Winston.

  4. bacon141

    I’ve said it before but losing Terry really hurts. I don’t think he helps at all this season, but he would provide some hope for next year. Now I don’t see PG play improving unless they get a transfer in. Otherwise, they’ll have many of the same problems they have had this season.

  5. AC1997

    I am also going to bring some popcorn to the off-season with MSU because it is going to be must-watch TV. The program has been remarkably stable with very few transfers out or in over the years. I agree with Dylan that they probably need to look around the transfer market at PG or C…but they have scholarship limits to work around.

    Realistically…who is a sure thing to be on the roster?

    • The three recruits (Akins, Brooks, Christie)
    • The veteran role players (Loyer, Kithier)
    • Hauser

    Anyone else?

    • Hoggard and Sissoko probably stick it out as young players…but neither got much run this year and are probably worried about being recruited over.
    • Brown seems like a good floor spacing wing that every team needs…but would he really want to come back for his last year given the role he’s been playing and the recruits coming in? Guessing he could leave.
    • Watts still feels like a critical piece…but also seems broken and maybe not excited to go through the Izzo motivational meat grinder again.
    • Henry hasn’t shown he’s a pro…but will likely try to go the pro route
    • The other centers can’t stay on the floor or out of the doghouse and are reaching the end of their eligibility. Think someone like Bingham might want to go somewhere he plays 25 minutes as a senior?

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