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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: February 17th, 2021

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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    Mike Smith has been fantastic. He’s exceeded every expectation both in what he’s able to do on the court but also the role he’s been willing to take on.

    I still think there’s a pretty sizable gap between what Zavier Simpson could do at PG and what Smith can do. And that’s no knock on Smith.

    You have to start by looking at the usage numbers… Smith is 4th in usage in Michigan’s offense at 17.6% while Simpson led the way at 25.8%. Simpson had more to do on most possessions and he had to make something out of nothing in late clock situations constantly and still shot significantly better inside the arc.

    If you look at today’s roster… Michigan is notably better at every position other than point guard including sixth man. Hunter Dickinson makes a huge impact, having a healthy Isaiah Livers, Franz Wagner is notably better and Chaundee Brown is the sixth man last year’s U-M team desperately needed.

    I often see “Michigan had to play through Zavier Simpson and doesn’t have to just do that this season” as a knock on Simpson but really I think it is just a testament to how much better this group is at every other spot.

  2. steve

  3. silverblue

    Couple things. In answer to Dylan, no more all night drinking parties for me! :rofl:Whenever I go to AA it IS a date, usually a weekend date with the lady who has put up with me for 51 years now! We stay at The University Inn, catch a game, and have breakfast at Angelo’s!

    I don’t know, Matt, we’ve never had a problem getting a table. Oh, yeah, it’s busy but this little old silver haired gentleman and his ADORABLE, cute as a button, 5 foot 2 blue eyed BEAUTIFUL, I mean, WOW, beautiful wife and I have ALWAYS been seated! I mean Angelo IS my cousin, but :wink:…nah, he’s not! We’ve just been lucky I guess! Anyway really great breakfast…from a breakfast guy!

    Finally, and again not to Hi-Jack the thread, BUT, you do NOT want to get me started on Frito Batidos…love that place! It was our new lunch discovery a couple of years ago! “When I say Frito, you say Batido! Frito…Batido! Frito…Batido! Ohhhh Yeah!!!”. That was a chant I did with some college kids walking down Washington St when Merry and I first discovered it! Merry was embarrassed, but like I say, she’s put up with me for 51+ years! :rofl:

  4. nswan

    I cant speak for everyone on this forum, but I believe a large contingent want to see you secure and comfortable in UMhoops. It provides a lot of value to a lot of people. When you initially went to the paid sub service a couple years ago you floated the idea of ads on the pages. I would be 100% ok with ads being on the articles even with paid subs if that helped buoy the finances of the page as a whole.

  5. umhoops

    Ads won’t really move the needle (there are still some ads on the site)… Just need to continue growing the base here and I think we are trending in the right direction. The shift away from ads to a membership model has been a huge net-positive.

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