2020-21 Season

Video: Juwan Howard, Michigan players recap win at Ohio State

Juwan Howard, Hunter Dickinson, Chaundee Brown and Eli Brooks met with the media after Michigan’s win at Ohio State.

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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    Yep – if I were advising a college head coach, I wouldn’t tell them to be more open with the press… I’d tell them to do more marketing. Juwan is doing a much better job presenting himself and his image in his interactions with the media.

    From a basketball POV, which is what I really like to hear, I feel like he avoids sharing any actual knowledge and probably shares about 1/12th of what he could say on any basketball-related question.

  2. BleedBlue

    Also cant help but to notice that whenever a player is asked about something to affect of “why is this team so good/poised/professional/prepared” the first part of the answer is always “Coach Howard.” To say ‘who wouldnt want to play for this guy’ is barely an over-generalization

  3. CursedBlue

    “I was pretty happy,” Dickinson said of Ohio State’s defensive gameplan. “I don’t get those opportunities much. It was kind of fun for me to go one-on-one with my opponent.”

    Dickinson is one of the most quotable players I can remember.

  4. SpikeNovak

  5. BraveDandon

    Yep! Kahn asked a question after the Maryland game at Crisler about what “buttons” Juwan has to push with Brandon. Juwan didn’t seem to like that very much.

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