2020-21 Season

Video: Juwan Howard, Michigan players recap win at Ohio State

Juwan Howard, Hunter Dickinson, Chaundee Brown and Eli Brooks met with the media after Michigan’s win at Ohio State.

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Notable Replies

  1. Mdemorest4

    Is it just me or is Juwan starting to open up a little more in these? Maybe it’s just the nature of a win like this, but it seems like he was pretty comfortable. I feel like Beilein was pretty under appreciated in post game pressers, but I think it took him some time too.

  2. ace_maker4

    Classic Juwan… Its the Big Ten!! This team is probably more prepared than any other in the last decade to handle the physical play when it comes their way. Brown is a huger part of that, he seems to welcome the physical play and others feed off of that energy.

  3. Mattski

    “You saw it, you write the narrative!” LMAO. As this guy becomes comfortable. . .

  4. umhoops

    Juwan’s demeanor in press conferences has definitely shifted a bit, not sure how much of it is because they are on Zoom or just experience on the job.

    I wouldn’t say he really shares more but he answers questions differently. He’s way more comfortably saying nothing that sounds like something whereas before he tried to get away from having to say something and just said nothing that sounded like nothing.

    If that makes sense :rofl:

  5. Mdemorest4

    I think I follow. He’s still using platitudes, he’s just being less bland about it. Makes sense, maybe someday he’ll be more open with the press, but I think that might just be me hoping. The guy hasn’t always been the most comfortable with reporters, and openness isn’t really a common trait in college coaches either.

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