Podcast: On Michigan’s defining performance vs. Ohio State, and Michigan State’s last gasp

Michigan outlasted Ohio State in a thrilling game in Columbus on Sunday, keeping Michigan in control of the Big Ten race. Brendan and Dylan discuss the game, the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry and what it means for Michigan moving forward. Then they hop over to Michigan State’s win at Indiana and whether the Spartans can put together a miracle run to the NCAA Tournament.

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(2:38): Michigan’s win at Ohio State
(48:18) Michigan State’s win at Indiana

Notable Replies

  1. adamsmit86

    Based on past podcasts, Stu didn’t seem to care much about anything haha. Not surprised at all. I’m guessing Novak would give a completely different answer

  2. CursedBlue

    Starting to listen now… Quinn doesn’t say it explicitly here, but his entire post-game story being about it kinda brings up how fixated outsiders get on it. Dickinson being good because he’s a 20 year old freshman is like Juwan Howard being good because he hired Phil Martelli to me. I’m tired of it being used to qualify his successes.

  3. CursedBlue

    Wow @ReegsShannon gets the rare Dylan podcast forum shoutout

  4. ReegsShannon

    All my years of posting and hot takes have paid off

  5. rlcBlue

    OSU doesn’t cultivate any rivalry besides Michigan. They are extremely resistant to playing any games with other Ohio schools. Arguably their biggest basketball rival is Cincinnati, a team that they’ve scheduled three times in the last 98 years.

    The dawn of the Legend of Archie Miller was his first NCAA game at Dayton, when the 11th seed Flyers upset OSU. OSU hasn’t played a regular season game against Dayton in 35 years.

    OSU hasn’t played a regular season game against Xavier since FDR’s first term.

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