Michigan to play in 2021 MGM Resorts Main Event in Las Vegas

Michigan is headed to Las Vegas next season. The Wolverines are scheduled to participate in the 2021 MGM Resorts Main Event along with Arizona, Wichita State, and UNLV.

The four-team event is set to be played on Friday, November 19th and Sunday, November 21st with pairings and game times to be announced by September 1st. Tickets go on sale on March 15th.

Per, the event will also provide each participating team with a pair of guarantee games to be played on Nov. 12, 14 or 16.

Not many other dates are announced for Michigan’s 2021-22 non-conference schedule but the Wolverines are expected to host Kentucky for the first game of a three-year series including an upcoming game in London. Keep track of all future scheduled games on our future schedules page.

Notable Replies

  1. CoryR

    I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire adult life! T-Mobile is a great place to catch a game too. I was out there a few years back for that great North Carolina vs. Kentucky game.

  2. bluejayway

    Already started the “It’s so cold in November in Michigan, don’t you think?” approach with my wife. (Truth be known, I don’t think I need to twist much of an arm.)

  3. jivan

    Is it wise to buy tickets so early? I’m thinking about it but don’t know if there will be fans next season still

  4. umhoops

    Probably not. IIRC, they were selling tickets for U-M/UK as the entire world was basically shutdown so they’ll sell tickets for anything. I also imagine if there are no fans you’ll eventually get your money back, though. Hard to predict what the world will look like in 9 months though… hard not to be a little optimistic based on the vaccine.

  5. bluejayway

    I’ve just arbitrarily decided that I’ve had enough of this pandemic sh*t, am going to be vaccinated by September in time for the event, and will be watching Blue in Vegas live. I almost need to believe that at this point.

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