2020-21 Season

Video: Fran McCaffery, Luka Garza talk loss at Michigan

Fran McCaffery and Luka Garza met with the media after Iowa’s loss in Ann Arbor.

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Notable Replies

  1. nswan

    Some super terse responses from Fran there, especially in the front half of the interview. The first response in particular of “it wasn’t dysfunction” was not only dismissive but also didn’t respond to the heart of the question. Honestly a much more professional response from the “amateur” athlete here than the professional coach

  2. sportaddict144

    Shocked at how much I liked Luka after that video and what an a$$hat Fran was.

  3. steve

    Fran is basically Boeheim with more hair. Just a total baby and whines about having to answer questions when he’s paid $2M.

  4. KML

    Wish I could say that I was surprised by Fran’s…I’ll be generous…terseness, but I’ve seen his act too many times for that to be the case. I get that he’s not happy after that showing, but come on…act like an adult. That last question may have already been asked, but it certainly wasn’t answered.

  5. Matthew_Straight

    I get it, losing sucks. But they gave Michigan zero credit and Fran was just a total d*ick. I dont remember the last time I heard a post fame presser without giving Michigan some props… SALTY

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