2020-21 Season

Podcast: Bubble watch for the Spartans. Title watch for the Wolverines.

Michigan State knocked off two top ten teams in a week and Michigan moved closer to a Big Ten Championship. Brendan and Dylan discuss Aaron Henry, Michigan State’s NCAA Tournament chances, Michigan’s offensive versatility, Illinois trash talk and more.

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(4:41) Bubble watch for the Spartans
(36:08) Title watch for the Wolverines

Notable Replies

  1. Dcleary_12

    Alternative Title-

    Broke: bubble watch
    Woke: title watch

  2. Sgold23

    Dylan, if u don’t know this that’s completely fine, but I was wondering what content will look like on the site and pod wise once tournament play starts? I’m a new time member so I don’t know if it’s same as normal or if increases even more? Thanks!

  3. umhoops

    We will have a ton of content during the NCAA Tournament week. Don’t sweat that!

  4. ReegsShannon



  5. jagreen1

    I’m not writing anything that isn’t already widely known amongst us, but had we played NW, PSU, and IU again, the conference championship would already be wrapped up - no doubts there. I agree it has to at least be in part motivation for his own team, but that was a tactically horrible decision by Underwood to go public with those thoughts. At best it was petty given the minimal impact it would’ve had. Thanks for the extra motivation anyway though, Brad, as if we needed it.

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