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Video: Juwan Howard, Isaiah Livers and Austin Davis talk loss to Illinois

Juwan Howard, Isaiah Livers and Austin Davis met with the media after Michigan’s blowout home loss against Illinois.

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  1. ChathaM

    Interesting that someone tried to bait each of the 3 guys into complaining about the foul calls against Hunter (laughed at the use of “ticky tack”). I wasn’t able to watch the game live (recorded, and no chance I’ll watch it). Were all 3 fouls questionable or something? It seems like a weird thing to focus on.

  2. umhoops

    I didn’t think they were particularly questionable.

  3. Richard_arch74

    I think it was the 3rd foul on HD that I thought was ticky tacky, other than that one they were called as they should be. Yeah, there is no good purpose to watching this game on your DVR.

  4. umhoops

    3rd foul was one of those classic rebounding fouls that seems to be a 50/50 call when players are tied up but he basically ended up shoving Giorgi OOB.

  5. quickdarshan

    That one felt like a make up ticky tack foul. Kofi’s foul right before that wasn’t very much contact.

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