2020-21 Season

RIVALRY POD PART I: Michigan vs Michigan State

Brendan and Dylan sit down to dissect Michigan’s blowout loss to Illinois, Aaron Henry’s big night against Indiana and then preview Michigan-Michigan State Part I.

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(8:00) Dissecting Michigan-Illinois
(20:15) Aaron Henry takes over
(28:58) Michigan vs. Michigan State Preview

Notable Replies

  1. Sgold23

    Let’s go, loving the pods lately. Really good discussions

  2. kturnup

    We didn’t lose because they just out toughed us. Goes way beyond that. We’re generally the team that pushes others around anyway. Kofi Cockburn could fit every MSU center inside of him

  3. umhoops

    Minutes for those guys have not led to good things happening for Michigan in a long time.

  4. umhoops

    Hard to say… MSU has had some big losses (18, 10, 30, 17, and 30) in the last five or six weeks alone while the majority of Michigan’s wins this season have been by double digits.

    There’s a recipe where MSU mucks it up but if Michigan’s offense is clicking…

    If U-M was playing a team with MSU’s statistical profile and it wasn’t MSU… I don’t think we’d think the line was crazy.

  5. BurgerBoy82

    I guess my only concern would be we have seen good efficient offenses against MSU lately in Illinois/OSU get dragged into the mud by MSU. Is there a reason why the Michigan offense would thrive when Illinois/OSU didn’t??

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