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Video: Juwan Howard, Isaiah Livers talk injury, Big Ten Tournament loss

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  1. jivan

    So according to Livers it’s something he has been feeling for a while. Howard must have known. I know it’s always easy to say things after the fact, but should he have been playing all this time?

  2. ChathaM

    Does anyone have a link to Alex Wong’s presser?

  3. ChathaM

    It was. Dang, I thought it was pretty funny.

  4. DLhoops

    What Juwan Howard says about a player in a press conference is going to be a little different than what he says in private.

    Publically you praise the kid and his decision making.

    In private you might wonder if you can draw up a better look.

  5. sportaddict144

    Tom Izzo would have said that Mike Smith did exactly what he told him not to do.

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