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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    My guess, as of right now, is that Hunter is back next year as the featured piece on this team and then looks very hard at trying to go to the NBA after that season.

  2. ReegsShannon

    Agree with this. Pre-Livers injury I would rank it:

    Final Four - Success
    Elite 8 - Mildly disappointing but still fine
    Sweet 16 - Dissapointing

    Now I’d say

    Final Four - Juwan Howard GOAT
    Elite 8 - Success
    Sweet 16 - Fine, acceptable reasonable end
    Round 32 - Disappointing

  3. buckets12

    The anti-Iowa journey of UMhoops this year…

    1. bets on black
    2. hits on red
    3. doubles down on black again
    4. hits on red
    5. quadruples down on black again
    6. hits on red

  4. Hank

    I’m definitely a doctor. Generally, a stress injury results from repetitive overuse, causing gradual breakdown of tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia…) faster than the body can repair it, resulting in gradual onset of worsening pain. Specifically, when the stress injury is to bone tissue it’s call a stress fracture. ( This is in contrast to a sudden traumatic injury whose onset is not gradual. )
    In Livers’ case it seems feasible that rest might allow healing to occur fast enough that he will return before this thing is over. If so, we can all claim it’s miraculous.

  5. umhoops

    I was trying to make a joke about picking MSU to make a run but it didn’t really land.

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