2020-21 Season

Film Room: Scouting LSU

Film Room is an X’s and O’s breakdown of Michigan basketball by Gibson Pyper. Pyper has diagrammed almost every offense in college and professional basketball at The Basketball Playbook and is an expert on the X’s and O’s of the game. If you want to learn more about the concepts that Pyper breaks down, make sure to check out his new project, Learn Basketball, an interactive course about basketball strategy, film study and X’s and O’s. 

Today’s Film Room looks at some of the primary sets and actions in LSU’s No. 5 ranked offense. What makes the Tigers so efficient offensively and how will they attack the Wolverines? 

Michigan beat Texas Southern in a relatively easy opening game win and will face a talented but beatable LSU team. This will serve as a “quick” scout and look at some of the primary actions that LSU runs offensively. A true deep dive scout would be difficult on such a tight turnaround, so hopefully this serves as a starting point — Dylan’s preview will have more — and a bit of insight about how much overnight work the Michigan video coordinators are putting in in Indianapolis. There is no sleeping in March.

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