2020-21 Season

Podcast: Recapping Michigan’s win vs. Florida State and previewing UCLA

Michigan executed its gameplan to perfection against Florida State and is a win over UCLA away from the Final Four. Brendan and Dylan discuss what the Wolverines did effectively against the Seminoles and what sort of challenge Mick Cronin’s team will present on Tuesday evening.

Listen to “An elite episode: Recapping Michigan’s win vs. Florida State and previewing UCLA” on Spreaker.

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Notable Replies

  1. BigBoutros

    oh yeah it’s pod time!!!

  2. umhoops

    After where we were last March, I’m just thankful to be vaccinated and able to cover an Elite Eight game. :beers:

  3. harmon98

    It’s possible Jacob Young sent BJJ a dose of self confidence via room service on his way out of town

  4. silverblue

    I have NEVER been an icon in my life! WOW! I mean, I am really something now! I’m an ICON! :rofl:

    Seriously, I hope everyone can get their shot(s). My son qualifies in California because he works in the food biz. He works as Director of Procurement for a food distribution company, so he doesn’t actually handle food just directs a team of food purchasers who purchase food from all over the country, but still, as a food worker, he qualifies. The problem, of course, is he can’t get an appointment, and since he works all the freakin’ time “putting out fires” and trying to keep the business from going under he can’t spend time on a computer looking for a vaccination appointment. Drives me crazy!

    I love that we are currently vaccinating over 2.5 million people a day, but we’ve just got to find ways to make it easier. Of course, I’m old so I had my second shot a month ago. It’s important guys. Stay vigilant. If you have to go to Toledo, GO! We SO have to get beyond this thing! OK, end of rant. The ICONIC one, OVER and OUT! :wink:

  5. JP22

    Just listened to the pod. BQ mentioned early on that this was Michigan’s 4th Elite Eight in 8 years. Incredible. And to think it could have been 5 in 8 with the 2016-17 team coming up a point short against Oregon (I was 110% confident Walton would nail that shot, too).

    Going from the exhilaration of just squeezing into the tournament in 2009 to where we are today, wow. What a stretch of basketball. Fantastic coaching, awesome players, great memories.

    Hope everyone enjoys the game tonight. A nap and some late night coffee is in store for me. Go Blue!

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