2020-21 Season

Podcast: A postmortem for Michigan and a look ahead

Michigan came up short against UCLA on Tuesday night in the Elite Eight. Brendan and Dylan discuss what went wrong for the Wolverines, especially late in the game. Then they dive into an early look at the offseason to set the stage for the coming months.

Listen to “A postmortem for Michigan and a look ahead” on Spreaker.

Notable Replies

  1. BleedBlue

    Decisively lining up the time of the day to listen and the time of day I’m okay with starting drinking…anddd now works just fine cheers :beers:

  2. ChipJonez

    Agreed - I’m going to need some kind of buzz for this one.

  3. bounce

    “A Hangover Unlike Any Other.” - Jim Nantz

  4. goblue8

    i’ll be curious if as the athleticism goes up if the tempo goes up

  5. harmon98

    Quinn had a great point on the pod when discussing how difficult this entire season was just to pull it off culminating with 4 weeks in a hotel in Indy. These teams busted their behinds to make this all happen and that will never be lost on this guy.

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