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Podcast: Breaking down the coaching hires in the Big Ten

Dylan and Brendan round up the latest roster moves for Michigan and Michigan State and then debate the three new head coaches in the Big Ten: Mike Woodson at Indiana, Micah Shrewsberry at Penn State and Ben Johnson at Minnesota.

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Notable Replies

  1. MichiganMan2424

    1hr 30min long pod? We haven’t had one like this since January.

    Really hope you guys do a league- wide transfer portal/roster reset one soon, can’t wait for the first 4 hour Moving Screen pod

  2. goblue8

    that Minnesota hire was terrible, thats such a sleepy good job too

  3. vayazazul

    On the pod, Brendan mentioned that one Big Ten coach reached out to IU for the opening, only to be rebuffed. Any guesses on who this was? Turgeon is the only one that rings as a possibility in my head…

  4. adamsmit86

    Did he say head coach? If not, that was nice of Dane Fife to reach out and offer to take over the head coaching role. IU countered with an assistant coaching job and the rest was history

  5. FranzStauskas

    Or Saddi will have Shaka on his staff one day!

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