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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: April 20th, 2021

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Notable Replies

  1. vayazazul

    I listened to your podcast with Stu Douglass and you told a story where in the early days of the site, no one really knew who you were and Beilein contacted you to possibly clarify something regarding false rumors of offers. I have several questions about this…

    1. How did Beilein contact you- was it through a secretary? Did he e-mail directly you off the website?

    2. Was the discussion in person? Or did he just talk over the phone?

    3. Do you remember which recruit or recruits he was concerned about?

  2. DrB

    What’s going on with point guard.This will make or break us this coming year.

  3. umhoops

    Ha. It was through the SID, I don’t remember exactly how. This was way back when the site was still really small – still much more of a blog than a website. We ended up getting lunch at Quickie Burger I believe, :rofl:. I don’t remember which recruit, it was actually something from another site (I think it was regarding some East coast kid) who reported that he had a Michigan offer or something like that. It was more I think that Beilein just wanted to know who was writing all of this stuff about his program at the time because there weren’t that many people writing about Michigan hoops.

  4. EasyBuckets

    The over/under for scholarship players leaving Michigan for the remainder of the offseason is 1.5. Which side are you taking?

  5. NamedMyDogFranz

    Who are you most excited for in the 2021 recruiting class?

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