MEGAPOD: Offseason outlook on the Michigan roster

Brendan and Dylan dive into Michigan’s 2021-22 roster position-by-position to take an early look at the upcoming season. The conversation hits on key additions, returnees and what will make or break the season for Juwan Howard’s team.

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Notable Replies

  1. IanLemersal

    Been waiting on this. Lets go!

  2. Superfan16

    MEGAPOD is an excellent word, very exciting to read

  3. mannymichigan

    Considering that big things usually happen right after a podcast, I fully expect Jones to commit on Saturday.

  4. Nick

    “What does Terrence Williams project to as a junior, senior?” Draymond Green 2.0

  5. bobohle

    Manny up above stated something always happens after a podcast. I echo that except it’s 4/28 another 1/2 wk has gone by and Franz still hasn’t entered the nba draft. JUST SAYIN! :thinking:

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