2021-22 Season

Podcast: Big Ten offseason grades: Handing out our marks across the league

It is May and offseason roster moves have slowed down — at least a bit. Brendan and Dylan go team-by-team through the Big Ten and grade everything that has happened since the end of the season. They discuss transfers in, transfers out, coaching changes and NBA Draft decisions to take stock of the entire league.

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Notable Replies

  1. nswan

    Are you guys ok? One hour and 46 minutes!?! I cant wait!

  2. aherm

    Longer than the previous two pods but didn’t get the MEGAPOD label so I assume this is just the expected length going forward.

  3. mgl

    It’s always fun when you guys have genuine disagreement - Dylan frustrated to speechlessness and Brendan just laughing the whole thing off…about something as consequential as Nebraska being 13th or 11th in conference.

  4. adamsmit86

    The Nebraska debate was the best part of the pod. I was cracking up.

    I also liked the question that Dylan posed: Which incoming uptransfer PG will have the best season - Walker, Jones, Pickett or Russell?

  5. kturnup

    Seems a bit harsh on Fatts. He had a poor year this year but just the year prior he was 108 ORTG on 28% USG. And even this year he was 100 ORTG on high USG. Certainly not “bad” per say.

    He’s tough to get a read on though. If you told me he’d be the best one I wouldn’t be shocked, and if you told me he’d be the worst one I wouldn’t be shocked.

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