DeVante’ Jones withdraws from NBA Draft

Michigan transfer DeVante Jones withdrew from the NBA Draft and will be heading to Michigan next season.

“I decided to withdraw from the NBA draft because there’s a stigma of the level I played at my three years at Coastal Carolina University,” Jones told ESPN. “Being able to transition to the Big Ten and play under Juwan Howard will be the perfect opportunity for me to showcase my abilities on a higher stage. I had great conversations with NBA teams, but I would love to keep proving the world wrong because a lot of people believe I’ll get to Michigan and ‘fall off.'”

Jones averaged 19.3 points, 7.2 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 2.8 steals per game at Coastal Carolina last season and was named Sun Belt Player of the Year.

Jones had several NBA workouts and was invited to the G-League Elite Camp where he performed well but didn’t receive an invite to the NBA Draft Combine. He’s projected as a potential second-round pick next season.

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Notable Replies

  1. kturnup

    Yep it came out from the combine. He’s gonna be tough defensively. I don’t even really project a drop from us defensively.

  2. ReegsShannon

    Just imagine Moussa playing all of Austin Davis’ minutes and what that will do for our defense.

  3. umhoops

  4. umhoops

    Givony is very high on DeVante’… has been for a while.

  5. dirk

    Yeah. I am not really against it because I guess I am a diversity sucker. I think there is real merit in being a great violinist or golfer or whatever. Just being really great at something is a huge experience. I am for sure influenced by the memory of a guy I went to grad school with, at a pretty fancy school honestly, who was a starting Defensive End at Nebraska. Cuppa Joe in NFL. He worked his tail off. He was a decent human and sincere. He also had obviously worse academic preparation than me, but way better work habits. What’s more valuable? Who was a better admit? Who was a better grad? Very unclear. I am sure others have similar stories.

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