2021-22 Season

Podcast: July ramblings on Hunter Dickinson, NIL, MSU’s potential

Brendan and Dylan are finally back with a new podcast. They break down Hunter Dickinson’s return to school and what it means for Michigan, Michigan State’s potential in 2021-22 and the impact that name, image and likeness rules could have on both programs and college basketball as a whole.

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(4:44) Hunter Dickinson returns to Michigan
(44:55) Thoughts on MSU’s potential
(1:06:23) NIL impact for MSU and UM

The podcast is available just about everywhere that you can listen to podcasts.

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  1. DeAngeloVickers

    No Dug talk?

  2. umhoops

    No Dug talk.

  3. JBmoney

    Very good timing. The lawn needs mowing.

  4. MLaw

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who listens to the pod while pushing the mower. (not just ON the mower)

  5. silverblue

    ON the mower?!?

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