2021-22 Season

Video: DeVante’ Jones talks Michigan transition

DeVante’ Jones met with the media this afternoon to discuss his first week on campus at Michigan. Here’s what the Coastal Carolina transfer had to say about his new teammates, the NBA Draft process and his first week of workouts.

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Notable Replies

  1. Popadamus

    Very cool to hear that Brandon Johns is stepping up as a leader and culture carrier in the locker room.

  2. dcameron

    Very impressive. Didn’t seem to be just saying all the expected things. I especially liked the response to the NIL question.

  3. silverblue

    I did, too. I was very impressed with the young man!

  4. Burke_Does_Work

    I’m a fan already. Seemed very sharp.

  5. bobohle

    Excellent Dylan thanks for sharing . I’m going to like this guy. I already do. I too like the positivity (ie Silverblue) he feels from BJJ!

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