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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: August 17th, 2021

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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    August is a tricky month, especially because interest generally wanes a bit naturally due to football preseason. But things pick back up again in September when official visits start really getting into gear. Prospects can take officials right now but Michigan will almost always use those for football weekends.

    It’s also a situation where U-M’s class focus is pretty well defined and we are just waiting to see how the chips fall.

    So in short, maybe not a ton? The UM Hoops/ITH Big Ten Top 25 is coming soon at least :wink:

    Most importantly, it is reassuring to know that we’ll have a season because at this point last year that wasn’t really the case.

  2. EasyBuckets

    You need to get your head checked dude. I saw Terrance Williams hit like 10 in a row and I saw Dickinson shoot like ten in a row.

    Perimeter shooting :white_check_mark:


  3. buckets12

    Of the following choices, if you had to pick only one result to happen, what do you think would raise Michigan’s ceiling most next season?

    • Hunter Dickinson wins National Player of the Year
    • Devante Jones is a consensus first team all-Big Ten player
    • Caleb Houstan wins Big Ten Freshman of the Year and is a consensus top 10 pick in the 2022 NBA draft
    • Moussa Diabate wins Big Ten Freshman of the Year and is a consensus top 10 pick in the 2022 NBA draft
    • Kobe Bufkin wins Big Ten Freshman of the Year and is a consensus first round pick in the 2022 NBA draft
    • Adrien Nunez reaches 100 million followers on TikTok

  4. umhoops

    • Juwan Howard is an obvious one because I feel like we know so little about him. I also wonder what his drink of choice is (probably wine that I can’t afford :rofl:).
    • Matt Painter because I respect his coaching.
    • Tim Miles because he’d keep the conversation going and bring the jokes.
    • Bob Huggins (we might need something stronger to drink).
    • Last spot I would probably go with Coach Cal.

  5. AC1997

    I think there are parallels to Brian and Bill Simmons for sure. Both of them are at their best when they’re a fan and their passion comes through in their writing - even if that means they write a few too many words or stray a little from what they’re actually fully informed by. In both cases I think the challenge they’ve faced in their careers is when they grew out of just being a fan.

    Bill started socializing with the actual people he used to cheer for in the stands. Bill wasn’t the likeable fan in the bleachers that was writing things we were feeling - he was an insider who was making a ton of money, getting access and exposure none of us will, and became harder to relate. He’s still the guy that was one of the godfathers that “invented” what a blog could really become…but now he’s the establishment and his clashes with ESPN didn’t feel like “little guy fights the establishment” they felt like “rich guy wants even more power” so I think more people lost their connection - not to mention that he hasn’t even written for years and just does podcasts.

    I don’t know what’s happening with Brian. I don’t envy making your living on Michigan football only for the program to continuously blow up in our faces. I’ve heard there are some personal things in his life contributing to his absence as well so hopefully he and his family are okay and he will rekindle his passion for Michigan - which is where he is at his best.

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