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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: October 20th, 2021

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Notable Replies

  1. joshgersh

    Are there any other contributors that will be putting out content regularly? I believe I saw Ethan got a job with the NY Post covering the Islanders. Have you made any tweaks to how you foresee the typical pre/post game article rotation or will it be mostly the same (key takeaways/5 key plays etc)?

  2. umhoops

    We have Jared Greenspan and Tien Le on board as beat writers this year and both are really talented. They’ve been writing a bit through the offseason but will be full steam ahead as the season kicks off here.

    Should have a full announcement as far as new features and things of that nature on the site in a couple of weeks but I wouldn’t expect anything to go away that has been present here. Playing around with what we could add, and as I mentioned a couple weeks back, always are open to new suggestions.

  3. joshgersh

    Always loved when we get a pregame piece from guys that cover/follow the opposing team on a scouting report and how they view the matchup against Michigan from their perspective. Obviously much more conducive to non-conference and NCAA tourny as we know the B1G teams decently well, but it’s always interesting to see how those who know the team best speak about them and view them differently than we might from looking at a few Kenpom box scores.

  4. nasmith002

    Are you going to Las Vegas for the early season tournament? Do you know if there are any events planned for fans?

  5. cheezypoof209

    Which of the freshmen do you think will be seeing the most minutes by year end? And what’s the over/under on how many wins you think it will take to win the B1G this year - 16.5?

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