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The Pin Down: A New Season, New Podcast, Plus Thoughts on DeVante’ Jones

Welcome to The Pin Down, a new podcast dedicated to Michigan basketball. Dylan Burkhardt and Eric Shapiro will team up once per week to go beyond the surface and break down the details of Michigan’s season. Our goal is to be the smartest Michigan basketball podcast on the internet and we will spend time answering your questions and examining the nuances of the game.

In our first episode, we dive into DeVante’ Jones game and break down his strengths and weaknesses, fit on Michigan’s roster, major question marks and more.

Listen to “A New Season, New Podcast, Plus Thoughts on DeVante’ Jones” on Spreaker.
The podcast is available just about everywhere that you can listen to podcasts (or will be in the coming days).

Notable Replies

  1. ReegsShannon

    Nice. Downloading now.

  2. umhoops

    We still have the find our rhythm with this but the hope is that this is going to be more of a midweek pod and also driven by a lot of your questions, which we will solicit at a certain time. We also will not be talking about Michigan State, which I assume many of you will enjoy :wink:

  3. steve

    A wild @silverblue appears! :joy::rofl:

  4. quickdarshan

    Excited for this. My favorite part of the site is learning more about the
    Xs and Os.

  5. buckets12

    Awesome. Excited for this!

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