2021-22 Season

Video: Juwan Howard previews Buffalo

Juwan Howard joined the media on Zoom this afternoon to preview Michigan’s season-opener against Buffalo on Wednesday night.

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Notable Replies

  1. bluejayway

    It’s interesting to me that there weren’t many questions about the opponent. I realize it’s earrrrrly in the season, but the only question (and answer) that I thought that was worth anything was Andrew Kahn’s question about whether Zeb practiced in the last three weeks…

    I will never understand how reporters use their valuable time slots asking questions from the script of “see, this is what I know in question form, and I need you to regurgitate it back to me in answer form.”

  2. umhoops

    First question was about Buffalo but a bit of the start got cut off (due to me). Juwan also, I’d say, goes out of his way not to say much when asked about game specifics beyond the very high-level.

  3. umhoops

    This is so they have a quote to fit into their story about “what (they) know”, FWIW.

  4. bluejayway

    Thanks for the clarification, Dylan. A little early for me to get into full-on Grinch mode.

  5. silverblue

    Since Juwan mentioned in the presser that he DOES have one year of eligibility left and that if Howard Eisley were to become a college coach Juwan just might use that fourth year and suit up for Eisley. So…how 'bout suiting up next year as player coach in your program at Michigan, Juwna?!? :thinking::rofl:

    Also, I’m just waiting to hear some of the guys’ thoughts on Juwan’s reply to Chris Balas! :wink::rofl:

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