2021-22 Season

Podcast: Early season impressions and a Gavitt Games preview

Dylan and Brendan discuss Michigan and Michigan State’s first week of the 2021-22 season and preview this week’s Gavitt Games matchups. The Wolverines face Seton Hall on Tuesday and Michigan State plays at Butler on Wednesday, two matchups that should teach us a lot more about where both programs stand early on.

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(5:32) Michigan takeaways, Seton Hall preview
(34:37) Michigan State takeaways, Butler preview
(57:24) Big Ten Quick Hitters/Gavitt Games

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Notable Replies

  1. BigBoutros

    The timing on these eps is simply flawless, home stretch of getting all these invoices out

  2. ucntseemoi

    You and BQ having been killing it with the podcast this year. The last 10-20 min of the previous few pods have been some of the best back and forth between you two. We’re gunna need BQ to take away your razor blades when you guys talk B1G though lol 0 faith in the #1 conference in CBB.

  3. kcg

    Brendan throwing out “it’s not gonna go well for Shaka” and “UMass is awful” in like a 30 second span :joy:

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