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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: November 18th, 2021

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Notable Replies

  1. mattcritt1997

    Who on this team is going to make threes?

  2. vayazazul

    What would be your lineup for the following situations-

    1. Michigan’s last possession of the game with 15 sec left, on offense, and down 1.

    2. Same scenario, but down 3

  3. SaltyNulty

    Do you think Michigan’s lack of a bigger guard is the biggest deficiency on the team right now? And if so, which of these scenarios do you see as most likely in regards to Michigan’s success this year:

    1. Kobe becomes the big guard we need and continues to grow
    2. Zeb comes back healthy and improved and he becomes that bigger guard
    3. Kobe continues to grow AND Zeb gets healthy and both become key contributors

  4. geoff_clarke

    Do you think we’ll see Will Tschetter or Isaiah Barnes against Tarleton? I believe you’ve mentioned they could potentially provide something (shooting at the 4 and wing defense respectively) that this team needs.

  5. Zxcvbnm

    Given Houston’s significant defensive weakness, Johns’s regression, William’s significant improvement (though maybe a little less so in the last game), and Diabate’s strength & versatility, maybe some adjustments to the 3 and 4 should be made. Two parts to the question:

    1. It seems like T William’s should be getting more playing time overall than either Houston or Johns, though maybe splitting between the 3 and 4. Maybe Diabate should be getting more minutes at the 4 as well. Would you reshuffle the minutes at the 3 and 4 spots (reducing Houston’s and Johns’ minutes and/or otherwise)? If so, how?

    2. Anything else that can be done to compensate for Houston’s and Johns’s weaknesses?

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