2021-22 Season

Podcast: Big Ten Power Rankings and an ACC Challenge preview

Dylan and Brendan go back to an original Moving Screen podcast format with a Big Ten Power Ranking Draft. They share early impressions and hot takes on all 14 teams in the conference and then dive into the Big Ten-ACC Challenge matchups this week.

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Notable Replies

  1. DeAngeloVickers

    Michigan too low

  2. kcg

    Somehow you didn’t even roast Rutgers enough. Just reading Caleb McConnell’s statline could’ve been a three minute segment.

  3. steve

    Holy crud, you were not kidding!

    This is the fourth consecutive season of decreasing ORtg for Mr. McConnell.

  4. mgl


  5. dreem

    An hour and 15 minutes in BQ decides to pick every single game of the challenge, love it. Great stuff as always

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