2021-22 Season

Video: Juwan Howard, Eli Brooks talk loss at North Carolina

Juwan Howard and Eli Brooks met with the media via Zoom after a blowout loss at North Carolina.

Notable Replies

  1. BBREP

    That lower than I have even seen Eli.

  2. nswan

    You could tell he was really frustrated yesterday throughout the game. He felt like he took some cheap shots and things were just not connecting or flowing. I remember him shaking his head at one particular moment when a pass was not made in the right place and basically disrupted the entire play to being unworkable.

  3. kturnup

    The guy came back for a 5th year to be a leader for a preseason title contender, is scrapping and clawing and playing the best basketball of his life but the team just isn’t good. I feel awful for him.

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