Podcast: December takes on U-M and MSU, plus Mark Turgeon is out at Maryland

Dylan and Brendan discuss where things stand for Michigan and Michigan State through the first month of the season, then they flip over to the Big Ten to discuss the end of the Mark Turgeon era and what comes next followed by some quick thoughts on Iowa, Illinois, Purdue and others.

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(4:40) Michigan
(29:02) Michigan State
(48:48) Mark Turgeon out at Maryland + Big Ten thoughts

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Notable Replies

  1. JBmoney

    The banter during the Turgeon segment was excellent. Great job!

  2. kherodan32

    Oh man, I would love to have Rick Pitino in the Big Ten. Say what you will about his mishaps but he is a legend of a coach. He’d lead Maryland to multiple final fours before having the program torpedoed by an NCAA sanctioned death penalty.

  3. AC1997

    I think you did a good job of highlighting the upside and also the risk of Frankie Collins. I think BQ talked a bit about the alternative though. Jones SHOULD be more mature and be able to more things. But he hasn’t…and it isn’t clear what the recipe for success with him is.

    On the other hand, it seems like Bufkin isn’t an option so the reality is that Colin’s, Brooks, and Jones will share the 80 backcourt minutes. So even in a best case Frankie situation (25mpg?) we need to fix Jones because we need 20-25 minutes from him regardless.

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