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Subscriber Ask Me Anything: December 14th, 2021

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Notable Replies

  1. bebopson

    Who is Caleb Houstan’s NBA comp?

  2. AC1997

    The entire coaching staff is stranded in a blizzard on a recruiting trip over the holidays and the AD asked none other than Dylan to take over coaching until they return.

    • What changes do you make to the rotation to try and fix some of the issues we’ve been seeing?
    • Are there any tactical/strategic changes you’d make on the court?

  3. AC1997

    Between now and the middle of the B10 season…

    • Which player will see the biggest increase in minutes played?
    • Which player will see the biggest reduction in minutes played?

    (compared to current averages)

  4. dandy_don

    Should Hunter and Diabate be playing at the same time? Isn’t that hurting the spacing as Diabate really isn’t an outside offensive player. Michigan’s best two games were SDSU and Nebraska, interestingly when Diabate was out. I am not saying not to play him but perhaps take the Purdue approach to their big men.

  5. umhoops

    I don’t really watch a ton of NBA (really any in the regular season) so it’s hard for me to say. This will mostly be compared to what guys were in college that are now in the NBA.

    I’ve always thought of him a bit similar to a Cam Johnson type of guy but he was more upside out of DHOs and PNRs than Johnson ever showed in college (and he’s only played ten games).

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