2021-22 Season

Podcast: COVID pause thoughts on Eli Brooks & Hunter Dickinson, plus listener questions

After Michigan’s last two games were postponed due to COVID-19, Dylan and Eric do a bit of big picture reflection on Hunter Dickinson and Eli Brooks, their roles and how the Wolverines can get the most out of them during Big Ten play. Then they dive into listener questions about recruiting, ideal role players and much more.

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Notable Replies

  1. hack

    The opening discussion about Devante, defense, Synergy stats and all was absolutely great. Fantastic work disagreeing with each other in a way that helps us all understand.

  2. eric_shap

    I feel more confident in my DeVante thoughts after watching those 51 P&R ball handler defender possessions we referenced on the pod.

  3. hack

    that couldn’t have been fun. Was Mike Smith better at challenging the screen? Is it always icing it, or just a matter of fighting over it, or are there other ways we should look for?

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