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Podcast: Happier Days. Michigan and Michigan State suddenly trending

Michigan and Michigan State had bounceback weeks with marquee road victories over the weekend. Dylan and Brendan break down what went so well for Michigan and Michigan State and what’s next with Saturday’s rivalry game looming at the Breslin Center. Then they run through the Big Ten with an array of hot takes, coaching search theories and more.

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(5:04) Michigan,
(33:41) Michigan State
(55:30) Big Ten rants

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Notable Replies

  1. BBREP

    Really fun podcast. I think people are underestimating the loss of Wahl to Wisconsin. That made MSU’s job a lot - lot - lot easier. The Illinois game will tell us more if Kofi plays.

  2. MTung

    Terrific Pod!

    I’d meant to mention this previously, but…. ADVERTISING !!

    Firehouse Subs? I’ll have one. Hook-n-Ladder, please. Extra pickles.

  3. AC1997

    BQ looking for validation on his Malik Hall take was funny. I will give him this…I didn’t think Hall would be this good of a scorer. He’s still not a 3 as was suggested preseason, but having a good year. So odd that Izzo doesn’t play him more.

    Speaking of BQ, listening to Hunters stats since UNC made me realize he’s playing almost as well as BQ though Hauser was going to play last year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  4. AC1997

    Just finished the second half of the pod. Completely agree that the Wahl loss wasn’t nearly mentioned enough considering how limited Wisconsin’s supporting cast is. I totally agree that winning at Kohl is impressive no matter what. Take any road win you can.

    The thing that gives me pause with MSU is their schedule. They have played NW twice, PSU, Minnesota twice, Nebraska, and Wisconsin without Wahl after MSU had five days off.

  5. joshgersh

    Heard something veryyyy interesting on the pod tonight. “The best player in the Big Ten, EJ Liddell.” And it wasn’t Brendan who said it. :smirk::sunglasses:

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