2021-22 Season

Video: Juwan Howard, Michigan players talk win over Purdue

Juwan Howard, Moussa Diabate, Eli Brooks and Hunter Dickinson all met with the media after Michigan’s blowout win over Purdue.

Notable Replies

  1. bobohle

    Hooray for Eli. He got to comment on a victory!

  2. umhoops

    Opposing teams are in a different location this year but here’s Painter:

  3. JD1

    Jon Crispin was sounding very Dan Dakich tonight. That’s not the best path to take.

  4. wolverinebandit

    Matt Painter, Class Act! By far, my favorite non Michigan coach in the Big Ten!!

  5. laddergoat

    Dude, he was absolutely awful. Like painfully bad. It’s amazing the difference between him and Hummel.

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