2021-22 Season

Podcast: Where Michigan goes from here & answering listener questions

Dylan and Eric break down Michigan’s blowout win over Purdue and what it means for the Wolverines heading into the final month of the season. Has Michigan solved its defensive issues? How good has the offense really become and what makes Hunter Dickinson’s pick-and-pop offense so effective.

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Notable Replies

  1. quickdarshan

    RE: EJ Liddell convo. Jeshaun Tate is someone who has carved out a nice role in the NBA that’s similar to EJ.

    RE: Luka Garza. He’s played some minutes due to injuries with the Pistons. He’s been surprisingly good offensive in that he shoots better than I expected, sets good screens and gets offensive rebounds. You’d like to see him develop his passing when he’s up top. Defense is what you’d expect. Can’t deal with any kind of lob threat.

  2. umhoops

    I don’t think they are that similar at least from their time at OSU. Liddell is exponentially better offensively than Tate ever was in college. Tate was all motor and effort and very little skill.

  3. quickdarshan

    Maybe the Morris twins then. 6’9" Average (for the NBA) scorers inside and out. They are probably better than Liddell at guarding in space, but they’re not what you’d call elite defenders.

  4. umhoops

    I can vibe with that a bit.

  5. AC1997

    I think EJ has a more clear role as a 4 in the NBA because he’s strong and so talented on offense. He won’t be a total liability on defense. Morris is a good comp.

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