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Podcast: Unpacking Michigan’s shorthanded win over Rutgers and a look ahead at Illinois

Phil Martelli’s first game as acting head coach was a victory as Michigan knocked off Rutgers on Wednesday night. Eric and Dylan break down what, if anything, was different on Wednesday and what to expect in Sunday’s rematch with Illinois. Then they dive into listener questions about Frankie Collins, zone defense, drop coverage and more.

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Notable Replies

  1. umhoops

    Talked about Illinois not shooting it as well lately and of course Plummer goes 6-of-7 in the first half already tonight :rofl:

  2. Zkr4me

    That was a horribly officiated game. I hope Ohio paid them well at halftime. Ohio also has the best floppers in the league.

  3. AC1997

    I agree on the flopping and I think I mentioned it after our game. They are great at just slamming into a defender in the post all game but one bump on defense and they drop like a rock. Really annoying and I am sure Kofi agrees with us this morning.

    That being said…I think Michigan should do a little more of it. We are often undersized in our defensive matchup so when they hit you with the shoulder…go down. B10 refs fall for that all the time.

  4. SpikeNovak

    Between Howard, Underwood, and Kofi, there will sure be plenty of subconscious and legitimate points of emphasis for the referee’s in Sunday’s game

  5. Kudos

    Could not agree more with you guys on the aggressive 1-2-2 full court defense. Hope it gets shelved until a desperate situation.

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