2021-22 Season

Podcast: How Michigan flipped the script against Michigan State

Eric and Dylan discuss Michigan’s blowout win over Michigan State, whether it makes sense to watch someone score 33 points before changing a defensive strategy and how much this Michigan team has improved since November and December. Then they flip over to Iowa to discuss Thursday’s showdown in Ann Arbor.

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Notable Replies

  1. AC1997

    The stat Dylan shared about the “turned the season around” narrative is still bobbling my mind. I can’t fathom that Michigan was #30 in Kenpom when we were 7-7 and now that we’re 16-12 we’ve moved all the way to #29. I realize we haven’t exactly gone on a crazy run but there’s no way you can convince me we haven’t made significant improvements.

    • Second half Hunter > First half Hunter
    • Second half Jones >>> First half Jones
    • Second half Houstan > First half Houstan
    • Second half bench = First half bench
    • Second half offense > First half offense

    I guess you could say Eli has been quiet in these last few weeks and Diabate has been just as up/down throughout the entire season.

    Is it possible that when you talk about their Kenpom rank it doesn’t capture actual changes in efficiency because other teams have changed during that time as well? Meaning that the #30 team in December was less efficient than the #29 team in March?

  2. mjsb2

    Preseason projections we’re propping up those early numbers. If you removed those from the equation there would probably be a noticeable difference.

  3. kturnup

    On he who shall not be named’s site, Michigan was 40th up to the Illinois game and 18th since.

  4. umhoops

    I was using Torvik splits, so no preseason projections. I did Nov/Dec and Jan/Feb as the splits and it was 28/29th ish for both.

    Adding in the Rutgers/Illinois games to that split makes it more pronounced like @kturnup noted. Probably makes a bit more sense.

  5. eric_shap

    The team defense has been worse overall.

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