2021-22 Season

Podcast: Is Michigan peaking at the right time?

Dylan and Eric discuss Michigan’s win over Ohio State and what it means for the postseason. They discuss what clicked for Michigan’s ball screen game and DeVante’ Jones, what to expect in a rematch against Indiana and what sort of matchups suit Michigan best in postseason play.

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Notable Replies

  1. ReegsShannon

  2. umhoops

    It’s also not really what we talked about but there’s not much I hate more than coming up with podcast headlines.

  3. tarverine

    You should hire Boutros to do it

  4. hack

    LOL! So true. Pay @JD1 $5 per. He’s got the knack.

  5. hack

    Well, every headline would be “PODCAST: Insect of the Week Greg Gard”.

    And I would be fine with that.

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