2021-22 Season

The Ultimate NCAA Tournament Preview is Back!

Nothing is changing here at UM Hoops and we’ll be covering Michigan’s path all the way through this year’s NCAA Tournament, but I wanted to let you know that my NCAA Tournament Preview Tool is back for another year to help you fill out your brackets this week.

CBB Guide is the Ultimate NCAA Tournament Preview tool to help you pick games this week. I took everything that I’ve learned previewing games at UM Hoops and combined the most important stats and insights into an all-in-one preview tool that has everything you need to analyze games and teams — all for just $20!

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We’ve crunched the numbers from every college basketball data source you can think of on the internet to find the stats that matter for every game and potential matchup in the tournament. That includes:

  • Tempo-free stats, trends and matchup analysis
  • Rolling efficiency margins to identify the hottest teams in the field
  • Shot profile and shot selection analysis
  • Player impact via on/off stats
  • Season-long betting data against the spread
  • Player and team analysis based on play type data
  • Much more

That data feeds into our team, region, game and matchup previews where we’ve filtered out the noise to show you the most important stats, data visualizations and insights for any given matchup.

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Here’s a sample of what to expect:

This year’s guide includes:

  • Matchup Breakdowns for EVERY  potential matchup. Pick two teams, click GO and you have a detailed preview.
    • Every advanced stat necessary to give you an edge
    • Insights from shot, play type, on/off, tempo-free, recent trends, specialty stats and more.
  • Game Previews
    • Everything in our matchup preview for scheduled games
    • Updated throughout the NCAA Tournament
  • Team Breakdowns:
    • Advanced Stats and Rankings
    • Rolling Efficiency Trends
    • Performance vs. Seed Expectation
    • ATS History
    • Shot Selection Data
    • On/Off Court Impact
    • Personnel Scouting
  • Region Breakdowns:
    • Efficiency Landscape
    • Hottest vs. Coldest Teams
    • Individual Efficiency by Role
    • Advanced Shooting Data

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Notable Replies

  1. sportaddict144

    When do we get your bracket, Dylan? I want to steal yours, change like 4 inconsequential picks, then pretend like I’m a genius.

  2. umhoops

    To be honest, I haven’t even really looked at one or started to fill it out. :joy: covering a team in the NCAA Tourney leads to a micro over macro view of the tourney.

  3. sportaddict144

    Being a Michigan fan and not watching a single non-B1G regular season game (other than Michigan’s non-conference) leads to a nano view, so I will happily take your micro one and run with it. Plus, we all know your eye of the metrics is a good one.

    A recommendation: Include early access to your bracket as a feature of CBBGuide!

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