2021-22 Season

Podcast: Michigan is headed to another Sweet 16

Michigan knocked off Colorado State and Tennesee to advance to its fifth straight Sweet 16 while Michigan State fell just short against Duke after knocking off Davidson. Brendan and Dylan recap the action from the weekend, preview Michigan’s match up with Villanova and try to sort out what to make of this MSU season.

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Notable Replies

  1. kherodan32

    Been dying for a moving screen.

  2. Sgold23

    Man am I wrong, or is this idea that our draw was easier than States kind of a semantics/wrong sentiment?

  3. umhoops

    Did we say that in the pod? Generally I think they were pretty similar considering that most people thought UT should have had Duke’s spot on the S-curve based on resume.

  4. Sgold23

    That’s kinda what I meant. Just in a few pods I have listened too it’s “well Michigan got a good draw, CSU couldn’t match up, Tennessee is less talented other than Chandler etc” that’s just what I heard Brendan say. I just think it seems like a bit revisionist history, and that the two got pretty similar looks

  5. adamsmit86

    Yeah that’s a real dumb argument. Most people thought Tennessee should’ve been a 2 and Duke should’ve been a 3. Colorado State is a little better than Davidson too. And if you are shooting for the easy 6 seed argument, LSU and Alabama also lost in the first round as 6 seeds.

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