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Podcast: Sweet 16 Preview! How does Michigan match up with Villanova?

Dylan and Eric break down Michigan’s opening weekend wins over Colorado State and Tennessee before diving into the MIchigan-Villanova matchup on offense and defense to examine whether the No. 11 seeded Wolverines can pull off another upset.

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Notable Replies

  1. eric_shap

    One thing I can’t remember if we touched on during the pod is when Dickinson (or Diabate) actually get the ball in the post and how Villanova would defend them.

    Villanova doesn’t really double. They mostly dig or play straight up on the catch — even against Purdue. Definitely a massive opportunity for Dickinson to score if Michigan is able to feed the post effectively against the fronts.

  2. rlcBlue

    So one wrinkle I wonder about is what Villanova will do to defend ball screens when Collins is the ball handler. The scouting report screams to go under the screen, but Eric notes that Nova has switched every single ball screen since Midnight Madness. It seems like switching in that situation would create more of an advantage for the offense than the defense, but do you go away from your base defense because of the opposition’s second-string point guard?

  3. kturnup

    I think they’d switch it. They’d be ok if Frankie was challenging them 1 on 1 I’d guess

  4. rlcBlue

    They’d be ok if Frankie was challenging them 1 on 1 I’d guess

    Sounds like their strategy is to force everybody to beat them 1 on 1; Collins has a better chance of beating his defender to the hoop than any other Michigan player. Of course, I assume whoever switches on to Frankie will sag back into the lane, but might there be a way to move fast and exploit the matchup?

  5. BlueRoses

    … meanwhile their PG is on Hunter? Roll to the rim big man!

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