2021-22 Season

Film Room: Scouting Villanova

Film Room is an X’s and O’s breakdown of Michigan basketball by Gibson Pyper. Pyper has diagrammed almost every offense in college and professional basketball at The Basketball Playbook and is an expert on the X’s and O’s of the game. If you want to learn more about the concepts that Pyper breaks down, make sure to check out his new project, Learn Basketball, an interactive course about basketball strategy, film study and X’s and O’s. 

Today’s Film Room looks at Villanova on both sides of the ball and how the Wildcats might match up with Michigan on Thursday.

There is not a more disciplined, balanced, and simple team than Villanova. Simple however does not mean it is easy to prepare for an offensive and defensive system that is very tough to handle – especially in an NCAA Tournament game. The Wildcats will blend 5-Out and 4-Out in their offense and post up every player on the court, and on defense switch all of the main actions you are trying to run with pressure and help everywhere.

All in all, the Villanova is a very tough offense and defense to face despite the “simple” nature of the schemes.

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